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23rd August 2011

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Thank you Baybeats …

It was yet another memorable show for us at our friendly neighbourhood festival. Thanks for being so supportive and kind. Special thanks to our minder May, who had to put up with the six of us (plus honorary photographer Azmyl Yunor) and was exceptionally patient throughout. You are seriously the coolest mama we know (how many people can boast having had meals with Kraftwerk, Dinosaur Jr. and Joanna Newsom?). Thanks to some honorary friends from back home we got to enjoy some much needed home support. Thanks to Live4Music and one Natalie Soh who has been posting videos of our performance on Youtube. Thanks to you guys, we can now have a proper sit-down and laugh at each other’s mistakes. 

Special mention also goes to the van uncle who gave us a good anecdote on Gwen Stefani. 

We will be posting up some pictures from our trip soon. Stay tuned.

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